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business consulting

Define. Plan. Measure. Grow.

How should I forecast and set goals for next year?

What are my options for offering benefits to my staff?

What is my business worth now?

How can I increase the value of my company?

These are just some of the key questions we can help you answer.

We’ll also assist with:

Aligning Your Goals

It’s critical to not only define your business goals, but to align the direction of your company with your personal financial plan.

Our business planning process starts by defining why your company was founded, what specific problems you solve, and who your target market is.  We then work together to build a financial forecast that connects the dots between your sales and marketing efforts and your company’s financial success.

Most importantly, we strive to collaborate around a plan to ensure that your business serves you (and not the other way around).  Ultimately, this not only drives business performance, but also the success and happiness of you and your staff.

Ongoing Collaboration

Regular meetings ensure that we stay on track. On-demand advice ensures that key decisions are given the attention they deserve.

Our meetings are specifically designed so that they don’t become just another time slot filling up your calendar.

Defining clear goals and financial objectives in advance provides clear benchmarks to analyze company performance.  Making use of technology that directly integrates with your accounting software makes forecasting expenses and planning for large capital expenditures easier and less stressful.

Each meeting will explore topics that are critical for the health of your company and will position you and the business for continued success.