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Fee-Only. Independent. Fiduciary. Period.

We Do

Wealth Management

Proactive financial, retirement, and tax planning integrated with low-cost, tax-smart portfolio management. Our client-centered approach brings clarity and peace of mind.

Dynamic Wealth Planning

Building on our Wealth Management service, advanced portfolio income and multi-year distribution and tax strategy designed to allow for greater flexibility throughout your retirement.

Small Business

Planning, forecasting, and management strategy & analysis. We also assist with simple, low-cost 401(k) retirement plan services.

& Retirees

The years leading up to retirement and the transition from decades of saving to starting withdrawals from your portfolio present a range of planning considerations. From tax minimization to Social Security and Medicare, it's critical to make the right decisions at the right time. We help you identify the opportunities and create a clear path forward.

Group of successful happy business people at work in office

Entrepreneurs &
Business Owners

We understand. You're busy working in your business. Between your customers, your staff, and everything in between, taking a step back to consider the big picture and the vision can be hard. We'll collaborate with you to work on your business to maximize the potential for your company and for you and your family.

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You work hard everyday and you've built a successful career. But as life gets increasingly more complex, it's not clear whether you're on track or even what future you should be aiming for. Our planning process brings your life and your finances together so you know exactly where you stand and where you need to go.

Who We

Connect your goals with a path forward

Achieve clarity in your financial life

We help you organize your financial world in a way that’s intuitive and easy to understand. This puts you in control so you can make informed, educated decisions about the things that matter most.​

Chart a confident course for success

Financial planning is more than just a written plan. It’s a collaborative and continuous process that adapts to your ever-changing life and the dynamic world around you. Learn more about our wealth management process below.

Ensure your loved ones are protected

Protecting your family is paramount. However, life insurance by itself is just one piece of the puzzle. We’ll help you identify the unique risks that you face and select the right approach to manage them.

Optimize your wealth

When it comes to decisions about things like taxes or Social Security, the difference between the best course of action and a “rule of thumb” is often much bigger than you might realize. We can help you evaluate the trade-offs and make the right choice.

Reclaim and refocus your time

Wealth management isn’t rocket science, but it often involves a lot of interconnected moving parts that must be viewed holistically. Our approach simplifies the process so that you can focus your time on what you value most.

Make a positive, lasting impact

A meaningful and rewarding retirement often demands more than just traveling the world or endless rounds on the golf course. We can help you explore the options for making a lasting impact with your finances, your experience, and your time.

Successfully stewarding wealth and income requires experience, knowledge, and the unwavering commitment to doing what’s right. However, what matters most are the outcomes and positive impact that it has on your life and your loved ones.

Our Process

3 to 5

2 to 3

Number of meetings new clients can expect in the first year

These meetings get us on the same page and create a path that we will walk together as you navigate through each transition and milestone in your life.

Number of meetings each year thereafter

After developing your initial plan and designing your portfolio, we typically schedule 2 to 3 meetings each year going forward.  We’re also available for on-demand collaboration as your life or your business changes.

Tell me more about what to expect

Our Philosophy

Research and evidence are at the heart of everything we do.

We believe that the science of investing and financial planning should form the basis from which to make sound, objective decisions.  At the same time, we also believe that wealth management is personal.  It brings together the very things that make us human.  Emotions, family, money, work, time.

Recognizing this, it becomes clear that there is rarely a single right answer or investment for everyone.  Instead, each client, each plan, and each portfolio are unique.  We connect these principles to your objectives to give you insight and clarity through our collaborative approach and comprehensive process.

From an investment perspective, our firm does not pick stocks, attempt to time the market, or speculate in risky investments.  Rather, we seek to work with individuals that embrace an evidence-based approach and the financial planning process. By doing so, we are able to maintain an open dialogue regarding advice and recommendations.

Who We Are

That’s Jonathan, the one on the right.  He founded Wealth Engineers and poured his passion and abilities into creating the firm into what it is today.  Alicia is on the left.  She joined to focus solely on our clients and serve them the way they deserve.  The middle two aren’t working quite yet; they just keep us on our toes and are one of the many reasons we are motivated to work hard everyday.

Straightforward Pricing

Dynamic Wealth Planning

Investment Management

Financial Planning


on the first $3.5M

Assets Managed
Single Client
Couple/Joint Client

Our Dynamic Wealth Planning service is designed for clients who have at least $1.25M of investable assets.

Wealth Management

Investment Management

Financial Planning


on the first $3.5M

Assets Managed
Single Client
Couple/Joint Client

Our Wealth Management service is designed for clients who have at least $750,000 of investable assets.

Unlike most firms, we also cap our fees by excluding portfolio assets above $3.5M from our fee calculation. This ensures that clients with larger portfolios are not paying an endless fee as their assets grow.  

The majority of client situations are covered by the above fee schedules. However, we review the scope and complexity of your specific circumstances prior to beginning a new relationship to determine whether any adjustments are needed.

Business Consulting & 401(k) Services

Business Consulting services are structured as an on-going monthly flat-fee.  Because each company is unique and may have different needs, the pricing is based uoon the complexity of the relationship and the scope of services provided.

Wealth Engineers also provides small business 401(k) services which includes assistance with plan design and set-up, analysis of expenses and fees, investment and manager due diligence, annual education for all participants, and ongoing support.

What's my next step?

If our approach and process is a good fit for you, schedule a complimentary get acquainted call using our online booking calendar.

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